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About Me

Why Hello there! This is Chris, your Photographer. You are probably asking Who am I? Well Let me tell you who I am. I am Chris! Once you get to know me, I can be fun. Once you get to know me, I will pick at you (playfully of course) for a mutual laugh and just maybe I will let you pick at me.

I can be found working live events, such as Dance Recitals, and theatrical performances. But what I love is to capture a story as its being told. A love story with engagements, family photos, senior pictures. That is what drives me. Capturing that moment in time to be shared with others.

A part from photography, I love to tinker with things...fix things..understand how things work in hopes that I can maybe make it a little better... to restore how things were meant to be. If you quote a movie line, there will be hours of conversation.

My Life Motto is this:  Life is a play, where the world is the stage and beyond the stage is a large unseen audience watching your every move. Will the play bring joy and laughter? Will the show be memorable? Will you make the show great? 

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